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        Established in September 1999, Qingdao Orien Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. started as a division of the state owned Qingdao AUCMA Group Commercial Appliance Factory before diverging as an independent high-tech enterprise. The successful endeavor led Orien to become one of the first Chinese ice maker manufacturers exporting to the United States. 

        In 2016, Orien was acquired by The Legacy Companies, the parent company of Kold-Draft and among the oldest manufacturers of ice makers in the U.S.The company prides itself on producing the highest quality products and has become known around the world as a premier OEM supplier of ice makers, refrigerators, wine coolers, and catering equipment. 

        The factory utilizes advanced inspection and production equipment and is equipped with high-tech experimental R&D facilities, allowing it to be one of the world leaders in developing new technology related to the ice and refrigeration industries. Today, Orien has grown to become a premier OEM Chinese manufacturer of high quality commercial and household ice makers and ice merchandisers. The commercial ice machine product line includes over 30 types of self-contained and modular ice makers. Orien's commercial ice makers have daily ice making capacities up to 1,100lb (500kg) and household ice makers range in daily capacity from 25lb (12kg) up to 250lb (110kg). In addition to its core product line, Orien produces wine coolers, beverage centers and refrigerators for both indoor use and outdoor applications like outdoor kitchens, barbecue setups, and entertaining areas. Orien's products are precisely manufactured to meet global requirements and are listed with CE, CB, UL, CUL, KTL, ETL, and other approval agencies. 

        The products are successfully exported to markets around the world including U.S.A., Canada, South America, South Africa, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, Middle East and more. Orien is dedicated to supporting its customers with everything they need to be successful. You will not find a supplier more committed to quality, stability, and loyalty and we welcome the opportunity to prove this to you.
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